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The Best Plans for You


We have a wide variety of products available to meet your individual needs for life, health, disability, and other insurance necessities.


Life insurance is for someone who loves somebody or has obligations to meet.


You insure your $500,000 home and your $50,000 automobile, yet your greatest asset of all is not insured - your ability to work. Let's protect your income for your and your family’s sake!

Long-Term Care

Cost of care for your last years can significantly eat away at your assets. If your desire is to leave assets to your children, Long-Term Care Insurance will assist in doing exactly that.

Take Care of Your Employees

Who doesn’t want happy employees? Meeting the needs of your workers creates a more positive work environment.

Why Major Insurance?

Customer Service

We pledge to be responsive to your needs. Your phone calls will be returned and accurate answers to your questions will be provided.


On our end, every scenario imaginable has been diligently handled and dealt with successfully. Our staff is well equipped to meet your every insurance need.

Great Insight

We have had great success creating game plans with both traditional products and exotic, non-traditional avenues.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"I don’t know what I would’ve done if Matthew didn’t make the suggestions he made prior to my husband’s death. They not only saved me but also our children. Mourning was difficult enough but having our mortgage paid off and an income coming in was life-saving.


If there’s ever an issue it takes one phone call with Major Insurance and it’s handled. We very much appreciate them."



"Of all the different industries I deal with as a business owner that provide me “customer service” nobody provides what Matthew Major and Major Insurances office staff provide."



"During a very difficult family time Matthew Major provided calming, caring customer service. Very much thankful for him."



"Major Insurance‘s office is a joy to deal with! Pleasant, astute and fast."



"His persistence in suggesting protecting my income saved me during a number of years when I was sick."



"Matthew is my go to guy for all my insurance needs."




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