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ESOPs are a Great Benefit for Employees

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Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Companies Provide More Sustainable Employment

ESOPs Basics

Rather than one rich man selling his business to another rich man this Employee Stock Ownership Plan makes it possible in a tax favored manner to pass the business to those who helped build your successful business. What a gift to those employees and it costs you nothing on the net sale.


Employee Stock Ownership Plans, due to favored underwriting by the Small Business Association (SBA), is now a vital option when selling your business.

Our ESOP Providers

What are the Benefits?

Bless those who blessed you with many many years of hard work without getting any less on the actual sale.

Increase Wealth

Job Satisfaction

Sustainable Employment

Preferred Retirement Option

How is an ESOP good for employees?

It makes being a business owner available to those who may not have had that opportunity prior, due to an employer who recognizes their value.

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