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At Major Insurance, we offer insurance solutions to individuals, families and businesses across the US.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is for anyone who loves someone or has financial obligations.

Individual Health Insurance

Whether it is a catastrophic or a comprehensive plan, we have the best products for you according to your specific needs and requirements.

Group Health Insurance

As an employer who desires to keep your employees long-term and happy, Group Benefits are part of that success equation. Whether you need health, dental, vision, disability, life or long-term care insurance, we are here to help.

Long-Term Care Insurance

If you want to save your assets for your dependents/children and/or you want to prevent a loved one from having to do the difficult deeds of caring for you during the last years of your life, you’re a candidate for Long Term Care insurance.

Disability Insurance

It’s a difficult situation when you are hurt or ill but even more complicated when there’s no money coming in. You insure your home and your car but what about your ability to make an income? Let’s insure your greatest asset, today!


The Federal government has created an avenue to sell your business to the employees who assisted in building your success with rich tax benefits through the Small Business Association (SBA). Let’s take care of the people who took care of you.

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