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Plan Ahead with Long-Term Care

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Caregiving can be stressful, and often takes a toll on a caregiver’s health and well-being.

Long-Term Care Basics

If your desire is to leave your assets to your children, dependents and not leave the burden of care on your loved ones this is a great product for you to meet those needs.

Long-Term Care Insurance

We are now living longer and eat away our assets at a greater pace due to life longevity. Due to the cost of care the last couple of years of life to be cared for correctly this is a great vehicle to protect your assets and have quality care provided

Our Long-Term Care Insurance Providers

Should I Consider It?

If you want to leave assets for your dependents/children and not leave the burden of care on your loved ones this is something you should definitely consider

Consider buying if...

As long as you're healthy you can qualify for this vital part of your plan. Once an incident occurs you may be found uninsurable. Inquire while you're healthy.

Don't buy if...

You don't mind eating away your assets and don't mind a loved one doing the duties of care the last years of your life.

Qualified Plans

Chronically Ill

These policies cover all the chronically ill possibilities that we've seen our friends and loved ones experience as long as you prepare prior to your own health incident.

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These plans can help you or your family stay on top of preventative healthcare and emergency costs.

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